is a thriving Socialpreneur Sought-After Cinematographer; Nationally-Recognized Photographer and Media Strategist


Kevin Buford is a Creative Media Specialist & business owner. Kevin is a connoisseur of compelling content with a focus in visual storytelling. In other words; he Amplifies Moments & Monetizes Content. He now shares his expertise across several platforms and is a featured speaker at conferences to aid business owners in creating engaging content.
Shifting his mentoring and coaching online; he now helps hundreds of videographers & photographers increase their reach, relationship and revenue through his 12 week online program Magnetic Media Mastery.


Tips & Resources This intensive is for you if you’re looking to learn how to create cinematic, scroll-stopping content on your phone FAST. Content isn’t just King anymore IT’S CURRENCY!

What you’ll gain:

The Best Camera Settings (Apple & Google)

The Formula for Powerful Videos

The Five Pillars of Cinematic Shots

How to Edit on Your Mobile Device

We’ll develop an in depth content strategy that will yield you enough planned content for a quarter.

Level up your content creation right from your cell phone.


LRP FILMZ is a video production agency providing high quality coverage for events, conferences and all things content. This is for you if you’re a Coach, Consultant or Service Provider looking to increase your reach, relationship & revenue by means of compelling, consistent content.


Magnetic Media Mastery

Here’s The Perfect Solution If You Want To Grow And Scale Your Production Business to the next level. In this program we’ll develop your media mindset for producing a high ticket offer; take you through the process of marketing your services to premium clients all while breaking down your systems and processes for delivering a great customer experience. This is also for you if you’re an established videographer/ photographer that is looking to build a team and or improve your skillset to make sure you’re prepared to be in high demand.

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